Design Your Next Slideshow Presentation with InDesign

Marketing Exchange

As a marketer with a strong design background, I would often pay closer attention to the graphic quality of a presentation than the presentation itself. Most of the time, these presentations are created using Microsoft PowerPoint and suffer from excessive bullets, oversized headlines, and awful backgrounds. Don’t even get me started on the clichéd built-in clip art. Overall, PowerPoint is an updated version of an old-fashioned slide projector with the combination of built in wizards and templates to aid the user in adding text, graphics, and designs in attempt to enhance the presentation’s appeal. I must admit, Microsoft has created an extremely user friendly piece of design software. However, those ‘helpful’ tools have limited our creative capabilities and have caused page after page of repetitive, often dull graphics.

For years I attempted to construct the perfect, most visually stimulating designed PowerPoint presentation, and failed miserably. I realized after considerable self-criticism…

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